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         On the afternoon of February 26, Huangshan University "Yongjia scholarship signing ceremony held in the headquarters building. Leaders attended the signing ceremony and on behalf of: Huangshan University Party Secretary Xu Chenggang, Ye Jun, deputy secretary of the Office of Academic Affairs, student at the College of Liberal Arts, School of Informatics, School of Economics and Management, College of Art, School of Chemical Engineering and aid office and other responsible persons; Group Director long Jiang Jizhong, vice chairman and general manager of Tang Li Liang, deputy general manager Jiang Wenbin, the person in charge of the backbone enterprises and departments of the group responsible person.
          Huangshan University, deputy party secretary Ye Jun ,Group Chairman Jiang Jizhong, signed "Yongjia scholarship cooperation agreement, the two sides on the work of scholarship competitions and depth of school-enterprise cooperation communication.
          Both sides responsible person said that the Group and Huangshan College has a deep friendship and cooperation based on co-operation in research, talent introduction, project cooperation has a deep friendship and achievements in all aspects, "Yongjia scholarship" set Group and Huangshan Institute to further deepen cooperation, strengthen an important embodiment of the contact, through the strengthening of both sides to work together, we can achieve mutual benefit and win-win, to promote the development of both sides to a new level, to make more and greater contributions to the construction of the beautiful Huangshan.

          Huangshan Yongjia College scholarship donated by the Group to set up, easy to learn students designed to reward, motivate them to study hard, aggressive, determined to become and serve the motherland, 20 students will be selected every year.

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