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        On August 1, the Group Chairman Jiang Jizhong, vice chairman of Sun Yi, Baozu ben, TANG Li Liang, deputy general manager Jiang Wenbin, deputy party secretary of Yun-Lin Wu, chairman of the trade union Fang Rixuan, deputy director of the General Manager‘s Office Zheng Ren other leaders with a condolence paymentsvisited condolences to the the the resident fire brigade, five hospital officers and men to send them deep greetings. Leaders of both the army building, corporate culture propaganda and execution Publicizing communication, hope to build military activities, to learn from each other, learn from each other, learn from each other, to promote the Army, the healthy development of enterprises in both the cause. And said: The two sides will further increase the build cooperative efforts for local economic development and make unremitting efforts.

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