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To enhance cohesion, cultivate team spirit and cooperation with each other, on May 22, George School of Business Management students in the third phase of expansion of base of Huangshan Golf completed a passion to unite and enhance self-confidence, melting the theme of outdoor team-building activities .

 Expand the training period, respectively, a joint combat vehicles, trust fell back, grasping the air bar, leader style, school walls and other projects. In the training, both individual or team projects challenge the project, we have shown extraordinary courage and extraordinary wisdom to bring about the completion of various tasks; in each end of the project, we all sat around with contact practical work, have a sentiment. In particular, the project leader of style, so that every member of the leadership and responsibility with a new understanding.

After the expansion of training activities, everyone in the company management organizations of their own role and position in a clearer understanding, so that each person participate in activities to identify and understand him, and he came to realize that the self-understanding and awareness of the match or deviation , to more rational management and development of their own. At the same time, also encouraged by the leadership team‘s morale, improve communication, increase trust, so that we know of as part of the team need to clarify their responsibilities and obligations, in a team struggling with a total growth.

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