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The feelings of Yushu - Yongjia Group and staff donations

    Earthquake no mercy, the past few days George Yushu disaster affects people‘s heart. To help people survive the disaster areas to rebuild their homes, Yongjia Group to carry forward the "difficult one, P Plus support" traditions, and actively carry out corporate social responsibility.Group party, group trade unions, Communist Youth League and other groups issued a joint initiative of contributions to the disaster areas have been members of the business and the positive response of the staff, group leaders actively take the lead in donations, the staff enthusiastically donated money to show to the disaster area. Group contributions to the disaster area as of now 100,000 yuan, the staff contributions to 87216.4 yuan, a total of 187,216.40 yuan, with practical actions the Jets were a love of the disaster area. Present contribution continues ... ...

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