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On April 30th morning, in Huangshan celebrating "May day” international labor day conference, the group was awarded the title of "national May Day labor award ", this is group to obtain the another highest honor, the group also is only wining the annual national May Day labor diploma in Huangshan.

Since the group was founded, the accumulative total paid into the treasury revenue was nearly 2 billion Yuan, and has always been the first larges taxpayer in Huangshan. At the same time, by soldiers and civilians building together, Donations to schools, poverty alleviation and disaster relief, urban construction, public welfare activities and other modes, actively fulfilled the social responsibility. At present, the group offers more than 1200 jobs a year, effectively solves the regional stability of employment, and through the radiation of the social relations of employees, is contributory to the promotion of local culture and the development. This winning the national May Day labor diploma is the praise and honor to all staff loyalty dedication, unity, innovation, continuous healthy development of the group, realized the success of the good praise, at the same time, also shows the Huangshan a new image and elegant demeanor of the leader in the development of industrial group leader.

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