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Since the strategic planning of the "twelfth five-year", the group has been around the "internal work practice, seek breakthrough and transformation, seek spanning" strategic thinking, defining the "high-tech zone construction and project operation construction" as the support, intensifing the building of the project, with positive innovation cooperation mode, constantly promoting transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and the layout of industry structure optimization group has achieved sustainable development. Currently, ten several projects construction, or completed and put into operation, the project total investment was more than 2 billion Yuan.

During the "twelfth five-year", the group will be based in Huangshan area, mainly Yongjia high new park as battlefield, plans to invest in 1 to 2 new projects each year, the development of new products 8 to 10 every year, make the enterprise to be long and deep, based on the leading industry primarily, develops the diversified industries, to ensure that the various economic indicators getting more than doubled, strives to create the ten billion Yuan group.


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