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On May 20, Wang Xuejun, the deputy secretary ofAnhuiprovincial party committee, provincial governor investigated and surveyed with guidance. Wang Xuejun and a group travelling together was field visiting Yongjia high-tech zone, came into Yongxin packaging production workshop, knew well the production technology and processes, and detailed heard the director Wang Xuejun about the profile of the group operations report and group development planning, and other work report. 

Wang Xuejun gave full affirmation to the development of group for many years, and pointed out that: Yongjia group has become a business card of Huangshan industry, made a large contribution for the municipality "industry" and the local economy, and hoped the group to be standing high with foresight, on the basis of building the existing industries being stronger and big, to be focused on developing new and high technology industry, strategic emerging industry, such as high-end manufacturing industry, actively introducing knowledge intensive and technology-intensive industry, push the new development of Huangshan economy.

Fang Chunming, the vice governor, Shao Guohe, the secretary-general of the provincial government Wang Fuhong, the secretary of municipal party committee, Ren Zefeng, the vice secretary of municipal party committee, and acting mayor and others were accompanying the investigation and survey. 

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