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Recently, our city has been continually heavy rain, with critical overflow rivers, flash floods. Until June 30 at 7 PM, the affected population in the city was 163000 people, emergency relocated was more than twenty thousand people, crops affected area was 4080 hectares, 427 houses were collapsed and 1132 houses were damaged, the huge citizen property losses. The affected population was 75000 people in the whole area, the affected crops in area was 3638 hectares, with 977 houses collapsed and 933 damaged houses, all kinds of direct economic loss was 660 million Yuan.

After the disaster occurred, the group leader of Huizhou district deeply concerned about it, in the morning of July 2nd, Jiang Jizhong, the director led the group in the first place to come to show sympathy to Huizhou district party committee, district government, earlier on, was donation 100000 Yuan to the Huizhou district, Late on July 2, municipal party committee propaganda department, the municipal government, and straight departments, civil affairs bureau, municipal committee, the Red Cross, the city culture sunset volunteers association and other departments in the city Yuzhong garden help the "full, Huangshan mountain flood disaster relief charity contribution, evening party", charity contribution group sent delegates to the site, once again was donation of 100000 Yuan. July 3, Group party committee, group companies, trade unions, to all party members, cadres and employees the compassion were donation initiative, various members of the enterprise, the staff were giving the help hand, all enterprises donated total 720000 Yuan, the staff individual were donations of more than 90000 Yuan. The donation activity continued. 

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