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1.Talent definition

    Have good professional ethics and professional skills, identifying the corporate culture of Yongjia and be able to contribute to Yongjia which is the basic conditions of good talent. Employees in any position, as long as who are loyal, professional, serious, fulfilling the duty, being able to have good performance in work, are always the talent of Yongjia, will get respected.

2.Talent strategy

    Through the guidance of training and performance, shape employee behavior, enhance the staff's sense of mission and the organization's cohesion, cultivate and develop the organization's core competitiveness, continuously provide the supply of talent for enterprise development, under the premise of guarantee of employee development, achieves the development goals of the enterprise.

3.Concept of choosing and employing persons

    Morality first, having both ability and political integrity, and let everybody fully display his talents

4.Principle of choosing and employing persons

   The ability decides the post, the contribution decides the value

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