Yongjia group is a group company specializing in industrial investment. The company starts from the industrial enterprise. Over more than 20 years, the company has been wholly dedicating to the investment and management of the industrial enterprise, and is based on the "pursuit of excellence, always create the best" as the management idea, striving to make the invested companies to be linked top number three in the industry 

At present, most enterprises within the three big industries of the group have developed into a "hidden champion" of the subdivided industry. Such as: Yongxin shares has four domestic bases, is leading enterprise of China's packaging industry, and the biggest enterprise in the domestic soft packaging; DuPont Huajia is the powder coating industry backbone enterprise in China, there are five factories in China, ranked second on the powder coating industry in China. Huahui Company is the world's largest TGIC production enterprise; and the company is the nation's largest fluorescent pigment production enterprises; and there are Huangshan Jinggong platemaking, Tunxi high pressure valve, Huasu technology, Hualan company, Xinli printing ink and other enterprises, which all is the key enterprises and well-known enterprise in the industry. 

In recent years, we centered on the building bigger and stronger of three main business, at the same time, moderately made the diversification of investment, and the investment industries have Huizhou NongJin, Huijin pawn as the main financial industry, and based on the Kechang company, Yongjia vocational school as the main service of science and technology and education industry, and mainly based on the Xieyu big company as the industry of agricultural products, etc., at present, those industries have not yet formed the scale, the industry is under cultivation.

In order to increase the group's new project reserves, to broaden the channels for the new project, we encourage social people from all circles to make the idea of long-term development for Yongjia group. If you have the project which meets the requirement of this group, can through the following contact information and contact us.

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