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In 1994, the company established Chemical Group Co., Ltd, (now known as Huangshan Yongjia (Group) Co., Ltd.), has member enterprise of Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd., Huangshan Yungxin Decorative Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Huangshan Huahui Fine Chemical Plant and, etc. In the same year, the company sets up Huangshan Xinli Ink Technology Co., Ltd
In 1997, cooperated with the world top 500 - the United States DuPont, established DuPont Huajia Chemical Co., Ltd.
In 1998, established Huangshan Jiajia Technology Co., Ltd
In 1999, established Huangshan Jinggong Gravure Printing Co., Ltd
In 2003, established Huangshan Hualan Technology Co., Ltd
In 2004, A shares of Huangshan Yunghsin Co., Ltd was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, has become the first domestic enterprise in small and medium-sized plate of listed enterprises with foreign investment, the first small and medium-sized enterprise plate listed company in Anhui province
In 2005, Yongjia Science and Technology Park was built, Dupont Huajia, Xinli printing ink, Jiajia Company, Hualan Company entered, the group began to cluster development. In the same year, was acquisition restructuring Tunxi high-pressure valve factory in Anhui province (now known as Anhui Tunxi High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd).
In 2007, successively established Yongjia Sanli Technology Co., Ltd., and Huangshan Huasu New Material Technology Co., Ltd
In 2009, Yongjia high new park was starting construction, first entered the park enterprise Huangshan Kechang High New Technology Entrepreneurial Service Company was founded, is the the only one enterprise leading and government involvement science and technology incubator in Anhui province.
In 2011, the company successively established Anhui Yonglian Real Estate development Co. Ltd, Huangshan Tianma Auminium Co., Ltd, Yongjia Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., and joined the Shares of Huangshan Xieyu Tea Co., Ltd
In 2014, the company invested in share capital to establish Huangshan Zhongtuo Industrial Pump Manufacture Co., Ltd and Huangshan Sanxia Precision Machinery Co. Ltd, and the machinery electronic industry of the group is continually developed

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